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Stay abreast of best practices and learn how to implement them

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We provide customized coaching for teachers and administrators and support developing Professional Learning Communities.


We offer tailored learning plans, job embedded learning labs and customized frameworks and pacing guides.

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Our data-driven analysis, action research and in-depth case studies provide teachers and administrators unmatched support.


We conduct observations to build the context of school instructional support needs, and offer peer-centered support for teachers.

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"Having had Michelle as my instructional supervisor/coach, I can unequivocally state that she is extremely knowledgeable, personable, approachable and eminently dedicated to providing high quality coaching for the improvement of literacy instruction.
I would categorize her as an endless learner of best practices. Working alongside her for four years, I was very impressed with her willingness to encourage others to grow beyond what they know about instruction. She pushed them to learn and apply that knowledge.
She is one of the most professionally fearless individuals I know, who does not hesitate to make others around her better by embodying a steadfast commitment in giving students the most comprehensive, research-based education they are able to receive."
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Dr. Tracey Garfield